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Introducing SL Go, the best way to experience Second Life in full 3D on mobile devices. No expensive desktop computer needed—just connect and go on your tablet. Experience Second Life's full visual performance when you're away from your desktop. And thanks to OnLive's state of the art data center, rez into your favorite sims faster than you ever thought possible.

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Experience Second Life On The Go

Do more than just chat and check in while you’re away from your home computer. Have an immersive experience with amazing graphic quality and full motion capability on your tablet with a touch interface. Available for Android devices. Works over WiFi and 4G!

FREE - 7 Day Trial

  • $9.95 (£6.95) per month for unlimited access. Starts with a 7 Day Free Trial.
  • Or, pay as you go for only $1.00 (£0.70) per hour